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I looked at a story about the people who won the recent Mega Millions jackpot. The author was crunching the numbers in regards to how much each winner will take home, assuming they take the lump sum award. The author compared the winnings to the net worth of some of the richest people in the world and basically warned against the ruin that will come of the winners if they act like some of the richest people in the world. The article wasn't implying that the richest people in the world were stupid, but just that their income was not as finite as winning the lottery once and many lottery winners in the past have wasted their earnings in the past, not realizing how finite the money was.
The author used dollar amount, obviously, by comparing the amount thing cost. For instance, a fancy apartment in New York, the Dodgers sports team, etc... The author primarily focused on using numbers in this way for the article.
Also, numbers were broken down in regards to costs per day to make it more understandable the amount we were talking about. For instance, when one hears that a person earns $7 million per year, this is likely a number that most people can't really comprehend. The author points out that this is equal to $19,000 a day. This makes the number such that many people can understand how that would change a life. $19,000 is what some people make in a year!
In addition, percentages were used to describe what percentage of the richest population the winners fell into now.
Here is the article in question!

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