One dead and four missing after yacht accident

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One is dead and four others are missing off of the coast of San Francisco after powerful waves swept crew members from their yacht Saturday, according to CNN and CBS News.

The 38-foot yacht named "Low Speed Chase" was competing a race from San Francisco Bay around the Farallon Islands, a 60-mile race. The vessel was hit by a large wave that washed some crewmembers overboard, Coast Guard Petty Officer Levi Read said, according to CNN.

The crew remaining on the yacht turned the boat around to rescue those thrown overboard and got hit by another wave that sent the boat into nearby rocks where it ran aground, according to CNN.

Rescue crews found three crewmembers clinging to rocks, approximately 300 feet from Low Speed Chase, and the body of one crewmember was pulled from the water. There is no word on the condition of the three survivors, according to CNN.

Low Speed Chase was taking part in the Full Crew Farallon Race, a contest that dates to 1907, according to CNN.

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