Peavey Plaza possibly a historical landmark

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Peavey Plaza in Minneapolis has been spared from the bulldozers for six months in order to allow the city to evaluate if it should be named a historical landmark, according to the Star Tribune and MinnPost.

The Heritage Preservation Commission voted on Tuesday to have the city planning directy begin a study to make the designation. The study will take at least six months, according to the commission chairman, Chad Larsen, said the Star Tribune.

According to the city of Minneapolis, only one of three pumps at the plaza works and the pipes that carry the water are difficult to impossible to make because the pipes are deeply covered in concrete and the parts are no longer made, according to MinnPost.

In addition, access to Electric power is limited and the plaza drains storm water into the sanitary sewer, which is not up to code, according to MinnPost.

"We have not been able to keep up," said Mike Kennedy, of the city's Public Works Department, who cited budget restrictions as the reason for deterioration of the plaza, according to MinnPost.

While some believe that building a new plaza would be a better use of the space, others are not convinced.

"The decision to destroy Peavey Plaza is unredeemable. Once it's gone, it's gone forever," Trish Block, who has formed a Save Peavey Plaza organization said, according to MinnPost.

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