Police crack down on distracted driving in MN


Twin Cities police are cracking down on distracted driving starting April 19, according to the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

Police are looking for people who are using their cell phones in the efforts to put an end to distracted driving, according to the Star Tribune.

The state mandate was enacted in 2008, and said that drivers in Minnesota cannot read, compose or send texts, emails, or access the Internet while their vehicle is in traffic. In addition, drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use a cellphone in any way while driving, according to the Pioneer Press.

Since the texting law was put into place, citations have increased dramatically. In 2009, 294 tickets were given for distracted driving. Last year, 784 were written out to drivers, according to the Star Tribune.

Fines for texting and driving are around $115, according to the Pioneer Press.


I believe that all drivers should stop using phones while driving - life is more important than any conversation!Removals

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