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Games, Learning, and Society Conference

The first conference relating to games and learning that I want to plug is UW-Madison's very own Games, Learning, and Society Conference.

In 2007, this conference will take place, according to early rumors in JULY (not June as in the previous year) after the Independence Day holiday weekend. Since I will be on the graduate student conference committee, I will probably continue to spread the word and solicit attendance and presentations from friends and colleages. Be forwarned if you fall into that category!

Seriously, this is a good conference, and it is relatively accessible to Midwesterners. Its focus was roughly divided in nearly equal portions between the technical, epistemic, and curricular concerns and research of presenters and attendees. There were numerous sessions in which a little "hands-on" experimentation with games and research methods was offered as well as a small gaming room available all day.

In this, as in many conferences, the research presented is still in its early stages. Presenters can talk about what they are doing in their classrooms and how, but the hard data on success is still coming. Preliminary results are encouraging, but keep in mind that this is still a very new field!!

Naturally, I encourage everyone interested in games and learning to come. Stop by and see me somewhere behind the scenes too!!