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This is a blog, in the old-fashioned sense of a blog. It is web log, a diary, a place to jot down ideas that are forming and are forming me. A place to write and reflect and grow. Hopefully daily, but possibly not, I will stop at the end of the day to write down something of what I learned. Eventually, as I go back, re-read entries, and make connections between occurances and my reactions, I hope to find important - or at least useful - things to say about being a graduate student in education. Or about being an educational game researcher.

This is not a place for my polished writings - or even my semi-polished writings. I have a different blog for that and will link it up in the resources list eventually. It is not a place for school assignments either or collaborative writing or discussion or a host of other things that have been done using blog software - including newsletters and official, organizational websites. While I understand repurposing of software for new, emerging needs, I would like to point out to visitors that subtle differences in affordances (see Roy D. Pea's work) of various types of software make some uses a better fit for a program than others. As a software designer, I am keenly aware of how different designs do, in fact, work best when applied to the task for which they were created. While I will be interested in comments, if you want a long discussion on a subject, email me!

As a final word, my thanks to Sue, my master's advisor, for the suggestion that I should keep a journal on this process. Being a doctoral student at 46, after several careers, is energizing AND overwhelming at times. I hope that by writing down some ideas and observations, the amount of stuff I'm keeping in my head as somethign important to remember will decrease and let me relax a bit more. Thanks, Sue!