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Morning study group a bust

First attempt at having a cohort reading/writing group looks like a bust. I'm here (3rd floor Kirby lounge - near our summer classroom), but everyone else is at least a half-hour late.

The perpetual problem of scheduling adult, non-traditional students to engage in face to face sessions remains in effect. Also, the constant problem with all students - what doesn't directly result in a grade - may come into play here as well. Location confusion may also be a contributing factor, although this space should be one familiar to all members of our cohort.

I'm not mad. I'll keep trying to get this organized since I know from experience that a lot of the transferable learning in becoming an academic happens in these sessions. But it is a mark of what does not work well with a hybrid situation, especially one that involves busy adults.

We'll see how the session at 7:00 pm tonight goes.