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Study group September 27, 2007

We met! We being 4 people, which is a decent number for a start, and it allows everyone to have a big stake in the conversation.

Points of discussion:

- Discussion assignment descriptions do not fit our process very well. We all tend to not only summarize the reading but also jump right into application ramifications in the first post, rather than wait until the third post of the week. Some students have difficulty summarizing the reading after the first person has done so. I've run into this myself when teaching online; students question the value of writing mostly the same thing that the first student wrote. The assumption is that the first person got "the answer" and there is nothing more to say. They don't consider that the first author's interpretation may actually have been inadequate or that they may find something unique to write from their point of view. How do we get around this?

- Some of the students who met are going well beyond the requirements of the assignment while still feeling that their contribution is not sufficient.

- Students are starting to work on topic selection for the two three-credit courses and finding a partner for some of the assignments. This is promising, especially since some presentations need to be done in a couple of weeks!