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Study groups September 20, 2007

This week, we are setting up study groups! Agenda is TBD, based on what attendees need at the moment.

Rod already hosted one informal meeting at the Burrito Union to which about 1/3 of the cohort came. That one was largely to try to get our heads around the course requirements and navigation schema for this fall's classes in Moodle.

Thursday, we start up two meetings (one morning and one night) to focus longer term on how to read and how to write at a doctoral level. A lot of us have been out of school for a long time. Even those fresh out of a master's program may need to adjust to the amount of reading and scope of writing at the next rung of the ladder.

I hope that we can set aside weekly or semi-monthly sessions to work on two prime academic skills together and get enough people in each time slot to sustain the effort. We'll see - and I'll try to remember to post at least meeting dates in this blog - if not specifics on what we covered.