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September 29, 2008

Information Progression

The Star Tribune's article 'Congress approves Great Lakes clean-up bill' is very simply set up. It begins with a lay-out of what the bill generally entails and what the status of the bill is. It then specifics on the vote and the money that the bill calls for. We are then shown the history on the bill, followed by a quote from a representative. The progression is very reader-friendly and appears to be in order of significance. We first learn what is going on, then we learn about the details, and then historical information. This is set up in a fact block way, and in such a way that the reader can stop reading at any time and not have a misunderstanding about the topic. I find it very effective in that it is concise with basically only the most important information is included.

Three children hit by car in Columbia Heights

Three children are in stable, although serious, condition after being hit by a car on Saturday night, The Star Tribune reported.

The victims are a 4-year-old, 5-year-old, and 6-year-old, said Wayne Heath, Anoka County's sheriff's detective. The incident occurred at 52nd and and Central avenues NE.

The driver was a 43-year-old Twin Cities man. He is allegedly cooperating with authorities, but it is too early to know what the cause of the crash was.

WCCO reported that the children were accompanied by family at the time.

Alcohol is not suspected to be involved.

Minn. voter registration showing record high

This election season is showing record numbers of voter registration in the state, reported WCCO.

Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State, said that 3.145 million voters have registered, which is around 84 percent of eligible voters.

That tops 2004 records by 12,000 voters. The Star Tribune reported that Minnesota is usually a national leader in voter turnout.

The national voter registration average is 68 percent.

NWA flight to Minneapolis delayed after threat

A passenger was detained in the Denver airport after claiming to have explosives on a Northwest Airlines plane, KSTP reported.

Chuck Cannon, a spokesperson for the airport, said that explosives were not found. Cannon said that the man claimed to have explosives as the plane left the gate.

140 people were on the flight, bound for Minneapolis. The man has not yet been charged.

WCCO reported that the man was taken to the hospital due to medical problem complaints.

Four people dead in Maryland helicopter crash

Sunday, a medical helicopter crash left four dead, with one survivor, in Maryland, reported CNN.

Those who died included a medical technician, a teenage patient, and two police personnel. The survivor was another teenage patient. Authorities are trying to identify the cause of the crash.

The helicopter was en route to Prince George's Hospital carrying two car crash victims. The helicopter crashed in a wooded area.

The pilot radioed that they were changed course to avoid weather conditions, but connections were lost. It took two hours to find the wreckage. Fox News reported that foggy weather was the issue surrounding the course change.

The intended trip was to be 25 miles from the site of the crash to the hospital. All flights have been grounded while a cause is being determined.

Baghdad sees deadliest day

34 people were killed Sunday in Baghdad, the highest fatalities in one day, reported CNN.

Several bombings were the cause of the deaths, which fell during Ramadan, the holy month. Some of the bombs included a car bomb as well as a suicide bomber-caused detonation.

Policemen, women, and children were among the fatalities. The New York Times reported that there were a total of five bombings. Three of the bombings were targeted at civilians who were holiday shopping.

The attacks further confirmed Iraqi fears of the security situation.

September 22, 2008


KSTP reported a story about a house explosion in North Minneapolis. There are approximately four sources used in the story. One specific neighbor is named, as well as CenterPoint Energy and fire investigators. They are fairly scattered throughout the story, the neighbor being introduced in the second paragraph, unnamed neighbors following that, and the official sources near the end. The story has an appropriate balance of people versus more official attributions. The attributions are presented to reaffirm something said, whether it is a quote as a witness account, a witness explanation of possible causes, or an official ruling statement from a company. They are effective and seem to be reliable.

Helicopter crashes into Wisc. house

Early Sunday morning, a helicopter crashed through the roof of a Wisc. house, killing two people in the helicopter, KSTP reported.

There were no injuries to the five people in the house.

Although fog was reported present at the time, it has not been ruled as the cause of the crash. No file of a flight plan for the helicopter has been found.

A neighbor, Gary Stielow, woke up before the crash. Kare 11 reported his statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "The engine just didn't sound right. It was sputtering. It was at full power, but it was sputtering real bad. Then you just heard a loud boom."

First reports for the crash will take about a week.

Victim missing in Mankato shooting

A shooting took place early Sunday morning in Mankato, resulting in police custody of two suspects, but a missing victim, WCCO has reported.

After receiving multiple 911 calls regarding a large gathering in an apartment parking lot and shots heard, police found about 40 in the parking lot. Some witnesses were able to help police locate two suspects, but the woman believed to have been shot has not been found.

(Very few news sources have reported on this story, as it is slowly developing, leaving me to be limited to one source.)

Minneapolis home explodes

Sunday morning, a North Minneapolis house exploded, KSTP reported. The explosion, which occurred around 11 a.m., damaged nearby houses.

The home, which was vacant, was leveled. Some believe that copper piping was stolen from the house, causing a gas leak.

A neighbor, Tonya Hinton, told KSTP, "Basically, it sounded like an earthquake. We just heard a big boom, I looked out my door and everyone started running."

WCCO has reported that although debris was in the road in addition to the damaged surrounding houses, no injuries were reported.

McCain's 13 cars promptly targeted by Dems

Democrats have quickly taken advantage of the knowledge of 13 cars owned by Republican John McCain,

Using it as a further selling point regarding the argument that McCain is "out of touch with average Americans", they are pushing the fact that some of McCain's vehicles are foreign-made. This contradicts statements McCain has made in the past about solely American-made cars.

Newsweek reported the comparison of Obama's vehicles to those of McCain- Obama's count being one car. Republicans have found this argument on the Democratic part to be irrelevant regarding the real issues, while Democrats believe it to be very related.

Tainted milk sickens thousands of Chinese children

Tainted milk has caused around 13,000 Chinese children to become ill, CNN reported. Melamine was found in the effected milk products, including baby formula.

There have been four reported deaths related to the milk. The effects of the tainted milk range from kidney stones to ulcers of the urinary tract.

BBC News has reported that the toxin found is a chemical typically found in plastics. It may be added to diluted milk so that it appears to have higher levels of protein.

Investigations are underway to punish those that added the chemical to the milk.

September 15, 2008

Chicago Rain Record Broken

Rainfall in Chicago Saturday not only broke records, but caused the need for aid for some residents, reported
Records show that this is the worst bout of rain in over a century. Rescue was needed for those trapped in their homes. Northern Illinois experienced flooding as the rain continued on Sunday.
Authorities have said that 90 billion gallons of water fell on the water district. However, things are reportedly being controlled and the sewer systems are working effectively.
It may be a few days before those that relocated are able to return to their homes, reported The Chicago Tribune. A death even occurred in relation to the rain and flooding over the weekend.
North Park University, located in Chicago, was forced to close many residence halls due to flooding.
The severe rainfall is connected with the weather effects of Hurricane Ike.