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Diversity analysis

One of the articles that I wrote an entry about this week, reported from CNN, covered the rallies held across the nation over the weekend in response to the passing of bans in Florida, California, and Arizona of same-sex marriage. This article covered a topic involving cultural diversity. Much uproar was created with the bans because of the civil rights issues surrounding the stating inequality of the laws.

This article definitely moved past stereotypes surrounding the GLBT culture in the U.S. The story focused more on the massive efforts of both gay and straight participants to overturn these newly-passed bans. The story heavily uses quotes from signs and chants shouted by the crowds to confirm the views of the protesters as well as counter-protesters. Examples of what views were held by both sides gave a very active impression of the rallies. The story, however, does little to highlight big things I did not know, mainly because it was more about covering an event across the country, rather than share a bunch of facts.