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Mice threaten huge albatross

CNN is reporting that an albatross on a South Atlantic island had its worst nesting season recorded due to mice.

The house mice are not native to Gough Island and are reportedly at risk to cause the extinction of the Tristan albatross. The threat comes from the mice eating the albatross chicks before they become fledglings. Additionally, albatross only lay eggs once every two years.

A study showed that out of 1,764 albatrosses incubating eggs, only 246 chicks made it to the fledgling stage. The BBC News has reported that these mice are "supersized" and have been attacking petrels and shearwaters, in addition to the albatrosses.

Regarding prevention of the mice, Biologist Dr. Richard Cuthbert said, "Successful eradications in the past have used poisons, particularly in New Zealand; that is one option."