December 11, 2008

Franken attempts to get rejected absentee ballots accepted

The Star Tribune has reported that U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken submitted 62 affidavits to accept absentee ballots that were allegedly wrongfully rejected.

This attempt followed a video released on YouTube by the campaign that highlighted seven Minnesotans who said their ballots were illegitimately rejected. Norm Coleman supporters said of the video that is was a, "shameless exploitation of individual Minnesotans in order to further their political agenda."

MinnPost reported
that as of today, 15,147 had viewed the YouTube video.

Hit-and-run driver ignored attempts to be stopped

The Star Tribune reported that a hit-and-run driver in Bloomington was pleaded with to stop, proceeding the death of the 62-year-old victim.

The 36-year-old man was arrested after hitting in the victim, who was walking into a Sam's Club. Alcohol is stated to have been a factor.

After hitting the victim, onlookers yelled for him to stop, but he instead sped away, running over the victim and dragging her 10 feet. KSTP reported that police has to use a taser to get the man, Anthony LaSalle, out of his vehicle.

November 23, 2008

Bank robber admits to five heists

The Star Tribune has reported that a St. Louis Park bank robber has admitted to conducting five different robberies.

Suresh Harlan Small, 27, plead guilty to heists between Nov. 2, 2007 and March 28. Most recently, Small robbed a bank in St. Anthony, drove away, and led officers on a chase reaching almost 100 miles per hour. Small shot at officers, who shot back. He was eventually caught in Plymouth.

Small may face up to 25 years in prison for each robbery.

(No other news sources were found that discussed this event.)

Augsburg student named first Rhodes Scholar

The Star Tribune has reported that Brian Krohn, a senior chemistry major at Augsburg College, was named a Rhodes Scholar Saturday.

Krohn, 22, is a part of 32 Americans chosen for the honor. He plans to go for a master's of science in environmental change and management at Oxford University in England.

"A very normal person is a good way to describe me," he said about himself Sunday. He has worked together will veteran scientists to alter the production of biodiesel so waste is not created.

WCCO reported that Krohn is one of two students at Minnesota schools to win the award this year.

November 16, 2008

Hunter shoots through house window

KSTP has reported that a hunter in South Haven missed a deer and accidentally shot a bullet through the window of a house Saturday.

The bullet in question traveled three-fourths of a mile after missing the deer. Although the residents were home, no one was injured. The hunter will have to pay for the damage done to the window.

The Duluth News Tribune reported that the hunter, Brent Lang, 39, of Redwood Falls, was hunting with a friend. The damage was done to the home of David and Theresa Weis. She was indoors, while he was installing Christmas lights on the roof at the time of the incident.

Al Franken heads to Washington D.C.

KSTP has reported that U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken will be meeting democratic leaders in Washington D.C.

The meetings are to discuss business with the party as well as litigation potential in the Minnesota race. The Star Tribune has reported that the recount of votes will start Wednesday of this week.

Coleman is said to lead Franken by 206 votes. It is also said that this recount is the most scrutinized since the 2000 presidential election's recount in Florida.

November 9, 2008

Boost seen for Franken in Senate race

CNN has reported that the margin has grown smaller between votes cast for Al Franken and votes cast of Norm Coleman in the Senate race.

Since Franken denied Coleman's attempt to not check uncounted absentee ballots, the gap between votes is now in favor of Colemen only 200 votes.

In explaining why they didn't want to yet count the uncounted votes, Coleman's recount attorney Fritz Knaak said that they wanted proper precautions to ensure that the ballots had not been tampered with. Kare 11 has reported that it is not uncommon for this margin to shrink, because the checking of errors is currently taking place.

Recount results must be completed by Dec. 5.

Mother and son stabbed to death in Dodge Center

KSTP has reported that the husband is a suspect in the killing of a mother and son in Dodge Center.

Teresa Bugarin, 27, and her son, Ismael Nicholas Bugarin, 12, were found dead Saturday evening. Two daughters of Bugarin were injured from knife wounds and are in the hospital.

Friends of the family reported that they never noticed any trouble within it. Although the father is a potential suspect, he is not under arrest as of Sunday.

The Owatonna People's Press reported
that the suspected father was also injured.

Dodge County Sheriff Gary Thompson said that this area did not have any more crime than other surrounding areas.

October 26, 2008

35W bridge thought to be failure from start

The Star Tribune has reported that the I-35W bridge failure is likely to be blamed on designers, who allegedly did not properly calculate the sizes of gusset plates.

The National Transportation Safety Board will present their findings in three weeks, sharing the details of the cause of the collapse. One half-inch gusset plates, instead of one inch plates, are thought to be the reason for the inability to support concrete and steel added during renovations.

Records were found indicating that the designers knew how to calculate the plate sizes, but did not do so for the center portion, which is where the collapse began.

(No other news sources have reported on this event as of now.)

Minn. Independence Party gives no endorsement

KSTP has reported that after a meeting in Apple Valley, no presidential candidate was selected for endorsement.

70 delegates and 30 observers felt that no candidate fit with the party's positions. Presentations were given by representatives of John McCain, and candidates for the Green, Libertarian, and Constitution parties. Also heard for Ralph Nader, whose party is not associated with the Minn. party.

Barack Obama's campaign had apparently pulled out of possibility for consideration earlier.

The Star Tribune reported that Dean Barkley, the party's U.S. senate candidate, is polling double-digit numbers at this point in the election.

October 19, 2008

Cold weather rule allows debtors natural gas

KSTP reported that CenterPoint Energy is reconnected natural gas even for those who owe money.

Under the cold weather rule, they must set up a payment plan, but can still have their gas reconnected with debts. The rule does not apply, however, if those customers do not uphold their payment plan.

Fox News Twin Cities reported that customers are protected from Oct. 15 through April 15 due to non-payment up until now. Most of the payment plans are reserved for incomes under $41,000.

2 found dead in St. Paul

Two men were found dead in a St. Paul Apartment Sunday, reported.

The apartment is located on the 1300 block of Arkwright St. Officers were called on a welfare check, and found the 2 men in different rooms. The door was unlocked.

Kare 11 reported that the deaths are being called "suspicious", while KSTP identified the situation as being investigated as homicides.

U of M policy may deter student voting

KSTP reported that the University of Minnesota's absence policy may get in the way of student voting.

The policy says that voting in national elections is not legitimate reason to miss class. This could be problematic in that no one can guarantee how long the voting process may take.

Students are encouraged to speak with their instructors, who have the final say in regards to the policy.

(No other news sources were found reporting this story.)

October 12, 2008

Michelle Obama to visit Minnesota

KSTP has reported that Michelle Obama is expected to visit both Rochester and St. Paul on Monday.

She plans to visit the Mayo Civic Center, and then Macalester College. U.S. Rep. Tim Walz and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar will accompany her.

She is expected to talk about the difficulties for working families. The Star Tribune has reported that both events are open to the public and free.

4 people killed in three motorcycle accidents over weekend

KSTP has reported that four motorcyclists died in three separate accidents in Minnesota over the weekend.

Motorcycle accidents are at an apparent high in 17 years.

The motorcyclists lost control of their bikes in the Saturday accidents. David Thoele and Mary Lofquist died because Thoele misjudged a curve in Delano. Herbert Martin lost control of his motorcycle in Brooklyn Park. Another motorcyclist died after running into the bumper of a car in Rogers.

The Pierce County Herald reported that one of the motorcyclists was airlifted.

September 29, 2008

Three children hit by car in Columbia Heights

Three children are in stable, although serious, condition after being hit by a car on Saturday night, The Star Tribune reported.

The victims are a 4-year-old, 5-year-old, and 6-year-old, said Wayne Heath, Anoka County's sheriff's detective. The incident occurred at 52nd and and Central avenues NE.

The driver was a 43-year-old Twin Cities man. He is allegedly cooperating with authorities, but it is too early to know what the cause of the crash was.

WCCO reported that the children were accompanied by family at the time.

Alcohol is not suspected to be involved.

Minn. voter registration showing record high

This election season is showing record numbers of voter registration in the state, reported WCCO.

Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State, said that 3.145 million voters have registered, which is around 84 percent of eligible voters.

That tops 2004 records by 12,000 voters. The Star Tribune reported that Minnesota is usually a national leader in voter turnout.

The national voter registration average is 68 percent.

NWA flight to Minneapolis delayed after threat

A passenger was detained in the Denver airport after claiming to have explosives on a Northwest Airlines plane, KSTP reported.

Chuck Cannon, a spokesperson for the airport, said that explosives were not found. Cannon said that the man claimed to have explosives as the plane left the gate.

140 people were on the flight, bound for Minneapolis. The man has not yet been charged.

WCCO reported that the man was taken to the hospital due to medical problem complaints.

September 22, 2008

Helicopter crashes into Wisc. house

Early Sunday morning, a helicopter crashed through the roof of a Wisc. house, killing two people in the helicopter, KSTP reported.

There were no injuries to the five people in the house.

Although fog was reported present at the time, it has not been ruled as the cause of the crash. No file of a flight plan for the helicopter has been found.

A neighbor, Gary Stielow, woke up before the crash. Kare 11 reported his statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "The engine just didn't sound right. It was sputtering. It was at full power, but it was sputtering real bad. Then you just heard a loud boom."

First reports for the crash will take about a week.

Victim missing in Mankato shooting

A shooting took place early Sunday morning in Mankato, resulting in police custody of two suspects, but a missing victim, WCCO has reported.

After receiving multiple 911 calls regarding a large gathering in an apartment parking lot and shots heard, police found about 40 in the parking lot. Some witnesses were able to help police locate two suspects, but the woman believed to have been shot has not been found.

(Very few news sources have reported on this story, as it is slowly developing, leaving me to be limited to one source.)

Minneapolis home explodes

Sunday morning, a North Minneapolis house exploded, KSTP reported. The explosion, which occurred around 11 a.m., damaged nearby houses.

The home, which was vacant, was leveled. Some believe that copper piping was stolen from the house, causing a gas leak.

A neighbor, Tonya Hinton, told KSTP, "Basically, it sounded like an earthquake. We just heard a big boom, I looked out my door and everyone started running."

WCCO has reported that although debris was in the road in addition to the damaged surrounding houses, no injuries were reported.