December 11, 2008

'Nanny' star Drescher interested in Clinton's Senate seat

The Star Tribune has reported that Fran Drescher, former star of 'The Nanny', 51, has reported interest in Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's senate seat, should she join Obama's cabinet.

Among her qualities reported are her experience as an actress, an advocate for female health as well as public diplomat for the U.S. State Department.

The Huffington Post reported that Drescher said she is an "...authentic and honest person and I think Capitol Hill needs more of that."

43 states face financial issues with recession

CNN has reported that with the onset of the recession, 43 states are facing financial problems.

State budgets typically start on July 1, which means that most states are almost halfway through the fiscal year. Options the states have explored include cutting spending, using reserves, and raising revenues.

States not facing budget shortfalls include Texas, Hawaii, Montana, and Indiana. The Guardian has reported that despite these reports, still 50 states are asking for funding for things like healthcare and infrastructure.

November 23, 2008

Plane crashes in WI backyard

KSTP has reported that three people were killed when a plane crashed in Marshfield, WI Saturday.

Those killed were on the plane, which crashed and burned in a backyard. Authorities are unsure whether the plane had just taken off or if it was trying to land. The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune reported that the victim's names have not been released.

The crash caused a fire and explosions, according to a report. The plane has not yet been able to be identified due to damage.

90 puppies found neglected in Florida home

West Florida TV, via CNN, has reported that 90 puppies were found neglected in a Florida home.

The home was in "unacceptable living conditions". Carolyn Bragg, the homeowner, was allegedly selling the puppies from her home. The puppies were discovered Saturday during part of an investigation into puppy mills.

The puppies were Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier and Pug breeds. Bragg will have 90 counts of animal neglect. The Ledger reported that the woman has been a dog owner and breeder for more than 25 years.

Bragg's house allegedly had a roach infestation and rats. Despite claims from the potential buyer that turned her in, Bragg states that all of the dogs have health certificates.

November 16, 2008

Clinton as Secy. of State supported by Republicans

CNN has reported that Henry Kissinger, Former Nixon and Ford Secretary of State said Clinton would be an “outstanding� as pick for the position.

Hillary Clinton is said to be the top pick for the role for President-elect Barack Obama. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger noted the possible pick as a "great move."

MSNBC reported
that others known to want the position are Sen. John Kerry and Gov. Bill Richardson. Although it is thought that Clinton could possibly be interested, her office has stated that any decisions about the pick are up to Obama and his team.

Anti-Proposition 8 rallies held all across country

CNN has reported that protests were held over the weekend in many U.S. cities regarding the bans passed in Florida, California, and Arizona banning same-sex marriage.

Chants such as "Gay, straight, black, white; marriage is a civil right," were shouted across the nation in cities such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Minneapolis. California's overturn of a ruling in May to allow gay marriage passed with a vote of 52.5 percent for to 47.5 percent against.

The Los Angeles Times reported that an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 people attended the rally held in the city. Another sign read "I was born gay. You were taught religion."

November 9, 2008

Gorilla gets colonoscopy

The Boston Channel, via CNN, has reported that a zoo gorilla has received a colonoscopy and is "doing well".

Gigi, the gorilla, was reported to have been having digestive problems, and thus needed to be put under to be examined. The colonoscopy results showed up as normal, but many biopsies were done as well.

Gigi is 36, making her the oldest at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. The Wall Street Journal reported that doctors from famous hospitals in the area came to take part in the procedure.

Father shot by 8-year-old son

CNN has reported that an 8-year-old boy shot his father and a co-worker who was residing in the house, in St. Johns, Ariz. Both men died from the injuries.

The son has been charged with two counts of premeditated murder. The entire community is reportedly deeply affected by this situation.

"Everybody knows them because there's like 100 of them," said Marybeth Ellsworth, who played the piano for Romero's wedding.

The Arizona Republic reported
that police discovered one body outside the door and the other upstairs. Murders by youth are rare and difficult for the justice system to deal with. Experts say that abuse is usually involved with children who commit murder.

October 26, 2008

Gas prices at record low

CNN has reported that gas has dropped 53 cents in the past two weeks, that being a record.

It is expected that prices will continue to drop, albeit at a slower rate. Unleaded gas was at an average price of $3.31 as of October 10, compared to $2.78 a gallon on Friday. The average high was on July 11, when gas was at $4.11.

The drop has been related to low demand and crude prices. As of Friday, the lowest average gas price in the nation was in Kansas, at a price of $2.26.

The LaCrosse Tribune reported that factors relating to how gas prices will change in the near future may be effected by OPEC. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries may choose to slow the production of oil, which could cause a potential increase or stop the price drop.

Scientists investigate disappearing whales

CNN has reported that seven whales are missing and suspected to be dead in the Puget Sound.

The orca's decline is thought to be the largest in a decade. The orca count is down to 83. A depletion in salmon may be the cause of this great decline.

The were put on the endangered species list in 2005. Other causes may be pollution, stress from whale-watching boats, and underwater sonar tests done by the Navy.

The Associated Press has reported a major concern is the disappearance of female whales that had more potential to bear calves. The count has a chance to rise if more orcas are born this fall.

October 19, 2008

Colin Powell announces Obama endorsement

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced his endorsement of Barack Obama Sunday, CNN reported.

Powell, a Republican, stated many reasons for his support of the Democratic candidate. He emphasized concern for what he explained as a negative turn in the McCain campaign. He also noted Obama's "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign."

He also mentioned that he is displeased with the way the Republican Party has "moved more to the right than I would like to see it." He also noted that he has met and respects both candidates.

The Huffington Post reported that the announcement was made on NBC's Meet the Press. In reference to the terrorist claims surrounding Obama, he said, "This is not the way we should be doing it in America."

October 12, 2008

Wildfire burns near Los Angeles

CNN has reported that 1,200 people were evacuated and two houses destroyed because of a wildfire which broke out around 20 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.

About 750 acres of land have been burned. Although firefighters have decent control over the flames, the Santa Ana winds, which were expected to pick up Sunday evening, were a potential concern regarding the spreading of the fire.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported that the fire was 20 percent contained as of mid-afternoon.

Cool temperatures into the night helped firefighters with controlling the blaze.

September 29, 2008

Four people dead in Maryland helicopter crash

Sunday, a medical helicopter crash left four dead, with one survivor, in Maryland, reported CNN.

Those who died included a medical technician, a teenage patient, and two police personnel. The survivor was another teenage patient. Authorities are trying to identify the cause of the crash.

The helicopter was en route to Prince George's Hospital carrying two car crash victims. The helicopter crashed in a wooded area.

The pilot radioed that they were changed course to avoid weather conditions, but connections were lost. It took two hours to find the wreckage. Fox News reported that foggy weather was the issue surrounding the course change.

The intended trip was to be 25 miles from the site of the crash to the hospital. All flights have been grounded while a cause is being determined.

September 22, 2008

McCain's 13 cars promptly targeted by Dems

Democrats have quickly taken advantage of the knowledge of 13 cars owned by Republican John McCain,

Using it as a further selling point regarding the argument that McCain is "out of touch with average Americans", they are pushing the fact that some of McCain's vehicles are foreign-made. This contradicts statements McCain has made in the past about solely American-made cars.

Newsweek reported the comparison of Obama's vehicles to those of McCain- Obama's count being one car. Republicans have found this argument on the Democratic part to be irrelevant regarding the real issues, while Democrats believe it to be very related.

September 15, 2008

Chicago Rain Record Broken

Rainfall in Chicago Saturday not only broke records, but caused the need for aid for some residents, reported
Records show that this is the worst bout of rain in over a century. Rescue was needed for those trapped in their homes. Northern Illinois experienced flooding as the rain continued on Sunday.
Authorities have said that 90 billion gallons of water fell on the water district. However, things are reportedly being controlled and the sewer systems are working effectively.
It may be a few days before those that relocated are able to return to their homes, reported The Chicago Tribune. A death even occurred in relation to the rain and flooding over the weekend.
North Park University, located in Chicago, was forced to close many residence halls due to flooding.
The severe rainfall is connected with the weather effects of Hurricane Ike.