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I would rate the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment as moderate in overall efficacy. Though the questions were insightful, one significant flaw was that instead of analyzing the strength of one statement independently, it pairs two statements at poles to one another. The shortcoming of this method of analysis is that it does not give weight to the degree of relevancy of each statement. For instance, if in question 1, I feel strongly about both statements (but equally so), the proper response would be to indicate neutral. Then on question 2, if I feel slightly more inclined to agree with one side, I would indicate that. However, the assessment does not evaluate the relevance of each statement independently, but vies one statement against a second (somewhat related) statement.

Additionally, the ability to suspend the assessment (take a break) while it is in progress, would have been most beneficial. The lack of such option can potentially result in some assessment subjects in expeditiously completing the assessment.

Furthermore, the report and guide that is presented after completion of the assessment is overly sanguine. While I believe that optimism is a wonderful quality, a subject would also benefit greatly by receiving a more succinct and straightforward analysis of potential pitfalls that each quality can accompany. The constructive criticism offered was, quite frankly, languid. I would conclude, nonetheless, that it is indeed better to err by relying too heavily on encouragement.


This is my premier entry! Hallelujah!!!!

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