Leadership applies to those in a position and it is a quality that anyone can posses or lack; part of being a leader is being a servant.

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I think the current definition is pretty good. I would like to also note that leadership is not simply a singular quality or attribute, but rather it is a collection of different qualities and skills that are blended together and often have some overlap in between each component.

Furthermore, I would even propose that leadership includes the skill of discerning which qualities/values/skills are most needed for one's current situation, and which should be avoided due to the given state of affairs regarding the current situation.
For example, a skilled leader would be able to discern if a situation is edgy and rebellion is on the verge of breaking out. Given the high tensions, trying to assert a coercive decision-making process may result in a deterioration of the group and working environment. This is especially true if there is animosity focused primarily on the acting leader. Thus, the leader may respond by emphasizing the objectivity of utilizing a secret ballot vote to democratically choose whatever decision is at hand.
Obviously, there are times when the situation may be completely opposite, etc.

I will defer discussing values this week, because I feel I will be able to better talk about the complexities of that issue after we have read more articles on that topic.

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Interesting response Victor - I gather your approach to dealing with an "edgy" situation reflects some real world experience? Being able to recognize the deterioration of a situation can be very difficult, since the deterioration is often gradual. What strategies would you suggest for recognizing that?

Review the blog rubric in the syllabus vis-a-vis formatting going forward. It'd be helpful for you and for us if you'd break out your new definition as its own paragraph. Also, work on including some citations of the readings (in APA style).

GRADE for week 2 post: 8 points out of 10 possible.
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• Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 5 points (out of 6 possible)
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