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11/17 - student work response

Across the street gallery:
There were a lot of good works of art on display at the Nash gallery. The first piece that caught my attention was the "Splendor Series" by Drew Peterson. His works are all screen prints on paper. The series is very colorful, vibrant, and abstract. Each piece is consistent in that it features a mix of random shapes and designs with real life objects.

The next series was by David Brian Dobbs. His three works were fairly large, and were done with ink on canvas. Each piece featured thousands (?) of little dots and lines that formed patterns and shapes. None of the canvases had any color - just black and white. It reminded me a lot of random subatomic particles moving around, and of optical illusions.

The third series I really liked was by Jamie Winter Dawson. The medium for this artist's work was oil on wood, with each piece having a very different shape and color. The artist's purpose was to "elicit action when surrounded by apathy", and to, "unearth beauty in the midst of ashes". Each piece seemed to reflect these sentiments rather well.

The next artist I found to be impressive was Joseph Gilbertson. He had two pieces displayed, and both were 3D. I generally don't find sculptures and the like that interesting, but his were an exception. The first piece was untitled, and was made of cast bronze, cast iron, rope, steel, and wood. Literally, it was a log hanging from the ceiling, and inside the log, were steel pipes. The second work of his was called "Landscape Triptych". It was made from a lot of the same material as the last one - steel wood, string, plastic, and electric motors. This work consisted of three "electric motors", and from them hung numerous wooden balls. It was very hard for me to resist touching them. Part of what really added to the work was that he had the balls swaying slightly with a light shining from above. The resulting shadows really added a lot of depth to the piece. His artist's statement said that his work focuses on "the interaction of forces and the relationships that exist between humans and nature". The purpose of his work was to "raise questions about a complex relationship we do not fully understand".

Halls of Regis center:
Of the art featured in the halls of the Regis building, I liked Caoilfhionn Gifford's work, "Birds #2". It was simply ink on paper, but the birds were very detailed and surreal. The black and white with no color created a nice contrast, and brought out the composition well.

There was another artist, Benjamin Money, that also did just ink on paper. He had three smaller works, one of which was a sun, the other a tree that turned into a hand, and the last was some sort of abstract piece. I really liked the picture of the sun, because it had a lot of cool designs and details in the middle of it. I use to do a lot of ink drawings, so I always enjoy looking at other people's.

The last piece I will mention was by Megan E. Anderson. Her work was labeled untitled, and was made using oil on a wood panel. It featured a head-on portrait of a smiling girl. The texture of the piece appeared very rough and scratched. In a way, it produced contradictory feelings, because the girl seemed very content, but texture of the canvas did not. I liked the simplicity of it.