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Assignment 1 - Andy Warhol response

Andy Warhol was most noted for his prominent influence in the pop art movement. Pop art, short for popular art, is a form of visual art that emerged in the 1950's. It is characterized by the themes and techniques found in popular mass culture, such as advertising, mass-produced objects, and comic books. Pop art also encourages the use of mechanical means to reproduce or render art (hence Warhol's silk-screen printing). The pop art movement is generally considered to be a rejection of Abstract Expressionism, which considered popular culture to be a thing artists should not concern themselves with.

Andy Warhol is considered by many as being important to recent art history because of the way his work shocked the art world. For instance, one of Warhol's earliest paintings, "Campbell's Soup Cans" (1962), features 32 life-size soup cans that appear to have been printed by the company itself. The cans all look the same, minus the label which tells what kind of soup it is. Warhol entered this work in an exhibition, and claimed himself to be a "fine artist". Since no one had ever seen art like this, controversy and change once again enveloped the art world.

Personally, I don't find Andy Warhol to live up to his hype. True, he did introduce and make popular a new form of art, but regardless of that, I don't find his art to be that appealing. It's relatively simple, and doesn't provoke much thought. Maybe it was one of those things that you had to be alive during the time to really understand.