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Assignment 3 - Nash & Weisman gallery responses

The first gallery we went to was the Nash Gallery. They had an obvious World War II theme going on, with a variety of three-dimensional pieces. None of the pieces really struck me as being that masterful, but they utilized many different forms of media. I found it helpful to read the descriptions when viewing the pieces because it gave each work more meaning and depth. I especially liked this one pieces that contained a lot of mirrors; it messed with the viewer's perception in a cool way.

The second museum we went to was the Weisman. This museum was a lot larger, and featured many different works and styles of art. The large-scale pieces, such as the one with all the chickens, were particularly fun to look at. I can't imagine having enough dedication to complete something like that. There were also a lot of propaganda posters from World War II which were interesting to read.

Overall, the museums were enjoyable and had some fun pieces to look at.