Final Reflection

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Restless Projects

Media: Photoshop, print
Tools, Photoshop paint brushes
Size: 2 16x20 and 8 11x17 prints

This assignment I wanted to create expressionistic paintings by using digital tools. For me, this was improving on an earlier work that i've done. At first I was so uptight about the sketches subject matter that I lost focus on the idea of being expressive. As I started to loosen up thats when my images started to come alive and be successful. Most of the images I decided to print came from my later work. What I found that creatively successful was inverting my sketches. The most eye catching piece of them all was one when I practically inverted the whole image including the sketch.

If this was placed in a gallery, I would have the images in three sections. One, would be the images with the girl in it. Two, would be the abstract man in a suit images. Three, another group would be the two abstract cloud images. They would all be incased in a white frame.

From this project I discovered that I do have a style, I just wasn't able to bring it out because in previous years I didn't have a tool like photoshop. I found out that my art is influenced by expressionism, pop art, and psychedelic images. This summer I plan to study about these three art movements as much as I can so that this work expands and improves towards an ultimate goal of communication.

Critique 5

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Here is my final work that I presented in my class. I felt that the final critique went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the final result of the images I produced for class.






Thumbnail image for PROJECT-1.jpg

Thumbnail image for Project_4.jpg





Critique 4

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After a few talks I've decided to abandon my original plan of painting on the printed images. Also, I created a couple new sketches.

Thumbnail image for sc01d905c1.jpg

Thumbnail image for sc01d2e693.jpg

Critique 2

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For the time being I created sketches and brushes. Also a image only using brushes no sketch. Here is that image and also some brushes that I made.




Mardi Gras

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The Mardi Gras event worked out great. The planning and quick decision making of my classmates and I really had a major and positive impact on the event. I would like to say thanks to everyone who attended and congrats to everyone who help with the event. During the Mardi Gras celebration I was dancing around in my mask and cape passing out candy to those in the kirby lounge. It was definitely interesting observing people who did not know of the celebration before hand. The parents who were there were giving mixed signals, some were surprised and some were not amused.
Before the event I was involved in the planning and mask making. Also, Right before I went to the ITSS office and rented out an audio cart with great stereo that worked well in the space.

Critique 3

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Over the past week I have been relearning my process and creating images. I feel that its a good start and the strength of imagery will get better when I figure out more ways to manipulate my brushes in a way that truly corresponds with the sketches I have produced. Here a taste of what I have made. Don't worry, there will be more sketches will used by next critique. I have made one that is particularly strong and will definitely be used in one or more of my final images.







Critique 1


Right now I am in the process of creating brushes in photoshop. I have also found photographs that i am thinking about using in my digital focus. Thirdly, I have been experimenting with already made brushes that I have used in the past so that my process will be more refine. My next step is to crank out a bunch of sketches from photos and from free hand.

Digital Focus Plan

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For this project I need to generate at least digital remixed images from one image from the Tweed Museum of Art. I decided to remix Thomas Hart Benton's Prodigal Son. The point of this project was to explore the fine line of copy-write laws, and try to create pieces that would not break this laws and would be considered fair use.

Here is the link to view the original image and my remixed works.

Image from Tweed Collection

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This the image I decided to use at the Tweed Museum.


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