Critique 1


Right now I am in the process of creating brushes in photoshop. I have also found photographs that i am thinking about using in my digital focus. Thirdly, I have been experimenting with already made brushes that I have used in the past so that my process will be more refine. My next step is to crank out a bunch of sketches from photos and from free hand.


Can't wait to see the sketches. I liked the brushes that you showed Tuesday. I think that you are on the right track and just need to make a bunch of images. I would just make sure that you focus on the picture the most in the image and not to let the brushes or any other elements distract it too much.

I really like your idea and that you are making your own brushes in photoshop. From what i saw last tuesday, i think you are right on.

John, what you showed us in class was a good start! I'm excited to see your sketch of the images. I also think you should try adding that logo in, just to see how it looks. It may be too out of place with it being a logo, but if you fit it in well, it could work.

I really like your brushes idea I think that they will turn out very cool. I like the inspiration photograph that you posted previously and I am excited to see how your sketches turn out.

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