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Final Reflection

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Restless Projects

Media: Photoshop, print
Tools, Photoshop paint brushes
Size: 2 16x20 and 8 11x17 prints

This assignment I wanted to create expressionistic paintings by using digital tools. For me, this was improving on an earlier work that i've done. At first I was so uptight about the sketches subject matter that I lost focus on the idea of being expressive. As I started to loosen up thats when my images started to come alive and be successful. Most of the images I decided to print came from my later work. What I found that creatively successful was inverting my sketches. The most eye catching piece of them all was one when I practically inverted the whole image including the sketch.

If this was placed in a gallery, I would have the images in three sections. One, would be the images with the girl in it. Two, would be the abstract man in a suit images. Three, another group would be the two abstract cloud images. They would all be incased in a white frame.

From this project I discovered that I do have a style, I just wasn't able to bring it out because in previous years I didn't have a tool like photoshop. I found out that my art is influenced by expressionism, pop art, and psychedelic images. This summer I plan to study about these three art movements as much as I can so that this work expands and improves towards an ultimate goal of communication.

Critique 5

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Here is my final work that I presented in my class. I felt that the final critique went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the final result of the images I produced for class.






Thumbnail image for PROJECT-1.jpg

Thumbnail image for Project_4.jpg





Critique 4

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After a few talks I've decided to abandon my original plan of painting on the printed images. Also, I created a couple new sketches.

Thumbnail image for sc01d905c1.jpg

Thumbnail image for sc01d2e693.jpg

Critique 2

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For the time being I created sketches and brushes. Also a image only using brushes no sketch. Here is that image and also some brushes that I made.




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