Assignment #2: Mind Mapping & Silly Ideas



"Before idea generation, watch a funny movie, practice an improvisation warm-up game with friends, play a new board game, etc. Spend some time creating a mind map of the project theme area "winter". In addition to creating a mind map, you should experiment with tools such as association mapping and crossing products to come up with a 10 silly product ideas related to the theme. These ideas should be sketched in your design notebook and then cleanly digitized or recreated for the blog. Each idea should be a separate image file no smaller than 500 pixels wide at 72 dpi in the landscape orientation. The ideas should be presented as a sketch with a title.


For this assignment I started doing an activity to get the creativity juices flowing. Arrested Development is one of my favorite shows, so I decided to watch a few episodes. I also played a round of the game "Clue", which is my roommate's favorite game and therefore wasn't difficult to find a playing partner.



Image Source:

Image Source:


The next part of the assignment was to create a mind map for the theme category of "winter". This was pretty easy since winter will soon be upon us and there are many things to dread look forward to. I started drawing my mind map in my design notebook and this is what I came up with:


The three sub-themes I decided to highlight for the next assignment are: hot chocolate, snow forts and scarves.


Finally, we were to take our mind map and from it, extract 10 different and silly product ideas. For me, this was more difficult than I expected it to be. It was hard to turn off "reason" and be as silly as possible with the ideas. But alas, I finished 10, and included the images below.











I'm looking forward to seeing what other people come up with! It's sometimes surprising how different mind maps can turn out because of people's different experiences or associations with a general theme.


I like the way you've formatted your blog with headings and centered images - I'll probably steal that for my next post! In addition, your mind map is beautiful - delightful use of color and drawing. However, like most mind maps, it could probably be bigger and deeper.

As for your ideas, I definitely like the snow fort moving service and pumpkin pie gravy. Overall, however, they don't seem very silly, and you should probably look into drawing sketches on blank paper rather than graph paper, if only to make them look nicer.

Nice work on the mind map! A little cropping could have improved it.
Try to use better lighting and a steadier hand if you are going to use photos rather than scanning.
Some clarification on your silly ideas would have been helpful. I was particularly confused about what pumpkin pie gravy was. Gravy for pumpkin pie? Pumpkin pie turned into gravy? A pumpkin pie and gravy blend to put on everything?

The shovel and coat seem like solid opportunities for actual products!

Really nice mind map! The colors and drawings made it easy to read.
however, think about either the lighting of your image either ahead of time (take a picture in place with better lighting) or the easier alternative (photoshop!) adjust the white balance, brightness and contrast of the images and you will see a HUGE difference!
This also applies to your sketches, better lighting.
Consider making your sketches bigger and the text as a smaller caption to direct the viewer to start seeing the sketch, then read the caption you've added.
I would think of the cropping of your images to leave more space around it ( it will just look better).

I agree with the previous comment (kyle), try thinking of more "silly" ideas. :)


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