Assignment #7: Idea Selection & Pitch

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For this last assignment we were to create a PUGH chart analyzing our top or most promising ideas to pursue for the final concept pitch. For this chart I decided to include the top three ideas I found to be the most feasible from a new product design standpoint. These three ideas are the Scarf Blanket, the Beer Scarf and the Heat-Absorbing Scarf.

I decided to choose evaluation criteria that would help provide an overall assessment of each product's novelty, feasibility and marketability. I kept it basic and chose my favorite 5 criteria:

  • Cost
  • Manufacturability
  • Marketability/Appeal
  • Ease of Use
  • Complexity of Design

Next, I filled out my PUGH chart and included a screenshot of the table below.

pugh chart.JPG

From this analysis I chose to pursue the Beer Scarf because the chart resulted in a higher PUGH score overall.

Next we were asked to create a more detailed final sketch for the product pitch, as well as generate a name for the product that was catchy without being distracting.

Some of the names that resulted from this research included:

"Barf" (Beer + Scarf)
A friend of mine came up with this one, and while it's pretty funny, I don't know if I want the negative connotation of vomiting associated with the product...

"GameTime Scarf"
To-the-point; fitting to represent a product associated with sporting events.

"Komfort Koozie"
Playing off of the idea for the built-in beer koozie/holder. (I also learned that koozie is spelled with a 'k' - who knew?)

"Slurp Scarf"
Again, associating the idea of a scarf with enjoying a beverage.

My favorite of these was the last, "Slurp Scarf". I thought it was catchy and quickly got the idea across that it is a scarf associated with drinking a beverage. I drew up a more detailed sketch and uploaded it below for reference. I'll likely produce another image for the product pitch in class on Tuesday.

slurp scarf.JPG

Finally, the last step of this assignment was to create a short, 30-second video to pitch this idea to our audience as a way to gain some feedback before presenting in class. I tried not to make the video too infomercial-y, buuuut unfortunately that is harder than it sounds. (I felt a little like the Sham-WOW! guy between takes and improvised to make it a little less cheesy). Here's the final product!

Slurp Scarf.avi

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Hi Marin,

I loved your pitch. I think you've really put in a lot of effort into creating it -- the outcome is clear and well articulated. Agreed that although this assignment called for a short pitch, it isn't as easy as it sounds to create one!

In your pitch, I thought you could have mentioned more about the materials that went into making this scarf. I am curious to know what the beverage holder is made up of. Would it be foam, or could the temperature of the beverage be retained by virtue of the scarf's fabric structure itself?

Your blogpost was very informative and well-organized overall. Including some additional details below your Pugh Chart on how you arrived at these decisions could have provide your readers with some additional background information.

The Slurp Scarf is a great idea and as a product, I can really see it appeal to outdoor sports/game fans, particularly in arenas and stadiums! Good job. :)


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