Comparison/Contrast Writing for Wednesday

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For Wednesday, read the section in A Pocket Style Manual as noted on the Reading and Assignment Schedule. Use the suggestions on integrating sources and evidence as you begin to write.

Bring a hard copy (typed and double-spaced) rough draft of the first half of your paper to class. Begin by writing an introduction and include your revised thesis at the end of the introduction.

Choose the best evidence from the readings to support the ideas in your thesis. Find several different examples for each element of the thesis. Then write 3-4 fully developed paragraphs in the order which best addresses the ideas in your thesis.

Paragraphs should include the following elements:
1) A topic sentence that introduces the main point you will make in the paragraph.
2) An Introduction of the source (author and title of article the first time you refer to that source) and background information about the evidence that the reader needs to know to understand the evidence
3) Then, present the specific evidence or a brief quotation.
4) Finally, analyze how the evidence supports your thesis.

As you write, consider your audience to be someone who has not read the articles and who needs full explanations of ideas. Remember the reader cannot read your mind so you need to present ideas in a logical fashion and fill in the gaps for the reader.

Be sure to save your writing on a flash drive or send it to yourself by e-mail because we will be working on the writings in class.

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