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Why are there four signatures at the bottom of the diploma?

Prior to Fall 2001, only the signatures of the Secretary of the Board of Regents and the University of Minnesota President were printed on all University diplomas. In Fall 2001, the decision was made to include the signatures for the college/school/center/institute Dean or Director, and the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost or the relevant coordinate campus Chancellor.

In addition to signatures, administrative credentials are also displayed below signatures to denote administrative appointments. The name of the college/school/center/institute is also displayed.

Apart from the aforementioned information pertaining to administrative appointments, no additional professional administrative or academic credentials are displayed on the diploma.

Withholding Diplomas and Official Transcripts from Students

The University will not issue diplomas or official transcripts to students with financial obligations equal to, or in excess of, $100 or to students who have not satisfied any student conduct or academic integrity sanctions.

Once a student satisfies his or her financial obligation or satisfies the outstanding sanction, the diploma will be issued and the hold barring issuance of the official transcript will be removed.

The University expects students to meet any financial and/or student conduct and academic integrity obligations to the institution, both during their enrollment and upon graduation. Withholding the diploma and official transcript for not meeting these responsibilities is consistent with both of these expectations.

What does "bracketing" mean?

The term "bracketing" is often used to describe the Office of the Registrar process of applying a repeat code (REPT) to an undergraduate student's academic record in PeopleSoft to exclude course units and GPA from the term and cumulative statistics.

The Office of the Registrar receives APAS reports at the end of final exams, two weeks after final exams, and eight to ten weeks after final exams for any undergraduate student that repeated a course for the current term. The query is based on the 'repeat message' a student receives at the time of registration.

The process what created to accommodate provisions of the Grading and Transcripts policy.

Bracketing Underway

The fall 2010 bracketing reports have been run, and Office of the Registrar staff are currently "bracketing" grades.

Intellectual overdrive!

If you thought the economic recession would derail the intellectual ambitions of University of Minnesota - Twin Cities undergrads, think again. Over the past few years, the number of students enrolled 14, 15, and 17+ credits continues to increase.

enrollment data.JPG

I don't really need my transcript right now...

Contrary to popular belief, students are not as impatient as we think when ordering transcripts. As illustrated below, over the past four years the Office of the Registrar has seen a slight decrease in the number of rush transcript requests.

reg vs rush trans requests_jul2006.dec2010.JPG

How shall I order my transcript?

Since the implementation of the online transcript request application, web-based transcript requests have been on the rise. Table 1 illustrates that how web-based transcript requests have increased over a 4 year period, while paper-based requests have declined. The inevitable fax-based requests continue to exist, but they have decreased slightly over time. In addition, the peak period for transcript requests consistently occurs at the end of fall semester, while the non-peak period falls at the end of spring semester.

table 1_trans req by batch type_jul2006.dec2010.JPG

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