December 6, 2005

In A Rut

Currently I am trying to juggle a full time job, an on-call job and 3 classes at the University of Minnesota. This juggling act has put me in a rut in the last few months as I try to prioritize my responsibilities, and try to give my best all the time. There is not enough of me to go around, and I feel like I am not giving either 100% at school or 100% at work, not to mention not having much time to keep up with my personal life.

Yes, here we have it again..another ride on life's roller coaster. As life is a series of peaks and valleys, we all seem to eventually end up in a valley, in a rut. So, how do we head for the peaks and leave the valleys behind? Historically, change has worked for me, whether it be moving to a new home, moving out of state or changing jobs. Drastic changes such as these are not always necessary to get out of a rut. But CHANGE is key.

Employing the concepts from "Fish", "Choose your attitude" is a great way to start. I need to focus on work when I am there, and leave my schoolwork for school and home time. Knowing that I am close to attaining my degree, it is difficult some days to focus on my current job that I will leaving behind in a year or so after I graduate from the U of M. However, my employer is helping pay my tuition, and this is a major part of the rut that I am in right now. How can I remain loyal to both my job and myself (as I pursue my education)?

Perhaps, I need to get more involved at work when I am there and "Be Present". This is something I have to do at school in group discussions as well. By doing so, I can feel that I am putting forth my best effort in the given situation. "Make Their Day" is a philosophy that is very rewarding when practiced, and if I combine this principle from "Fish", along with "Be Present", I can feel more involved and will truly feel like I am part of a sharing situation.

Our office could definitely use some of the "Play" principle mentioned in "Fish". We pretty much have an uptight corporate atmosphere most of the time, and I think adapting a more playful environment could actually increase productivity and go a long way toward boosting morale! I mentioned the book, "Fish" to my boss, and she wants to read it. Hopefully, between she and I (and the rest of our staff), we can come up with creative ideas to "lighten up" the office. I think it will only yield positive results, and maybe I will get out of my rut once I feel like I have truly contributed to making our office a happier place . After all, we spend many hours a week there, so it might as well be enjoyable!

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