August 24, 2006

BA Assignment 4

My name is Beth Blankenheim, and I'm from Maple Grove, Minnesota. I decided to come to the University of Minnesota to pursue a degree in International Business, and a minor in Global Studies . Minnesota seemed like the best choice because of the Carlson School of Management, and also because it is close to home. It funny because I always thought I wanted to go to the farthest away college I could, but when it came down to decision making time, I really didn't want to leave. I also liked the idea of living in the city because I tend to get bored easily and wanted a college that would never run out of places to explore or events to go to. While I'm here I'd like to be involved in sports, volunteering, and the honors program. I'd also like to study abroad in India through the International Development Program. Someday I'd like to work for the United Nations or an international non-profit, but for now I'm excited to begin my college experience.