February 2, 2009

MN-CAT now called MN-CAT Plus

MN-CAT (the U of M library catalog) is now MN-CAT Plus


MN-CAT Plus introduces new search functions, images of books, the new "Get it" system and a beta version of an article tab and article search functions.

• MN-CAT Plus, the library’s online catalog, can be searched to find books, journals, magazines, newspapers, maps, documents, CD’s, and videos that the U of M library owns. The online catalog can be accessed at There is now limited article search functions within MN-CAT Plus, but you may still want to use the journals catalog to be sure to find all available articles.


• Click on the link “In the U of M Library��? to find out if the book has been checked out. In MN-CAT Plus green type indicates a copy of the item may be available, while red type indicates that all copies are currently unavailable.



• MN-CAT Plus DOES NOT search for article titles or article authors. There is a new tab called "articles", but currently it only searches a limited number of article databases.

• Click on "Online Access" to find out if the library owns the full text of an article and it is available online. If you are a U of M student there is no charge to access most articles.

• Not available online? Click on the title, then the library name to find out what issues of a newspaper, magazine, or journal the library owns in print.

• If you find your issue number in either the summary or the description of the record the library does own the article in print.