February 2, 2009

Find it! How to get the full-text of online articles

Find It! helps you locate the full text copy of your article!


When searching an article database you may see articles that are directly linked to the full text. These are labeled "html" or "pdf". When the article is not directly linked to the database you are searching, the U of M libraries may still own an electronic copy or a print copy elsewhere. If this is the case you should use the "Find It!" link to search all available resources. Often the full text of the article that you found is only a click or two away!

Tips:• Find It will connect you to a copy of your article.
• Find It will search for an electronic copy of your article in additional article indexes.
• Not online? Click on the "availability" link in MN-CAT Plus to see if the library owns the journal volume in which your article has been published in print.

How to find subject specfic article indexes for a research paper

Don't know where to start? Research Quickstart!

Research Quickstart is a great tool available online at

All you have to know to use this tool is the topic that your paper might fall under. For example, a paper on "Adult Education" might fall under the heading "Education". A paper on "Environmental Change" might fall under several headings such as "Environmental Health", "Environmental Policy", or even "Government Information, US."


Once you've chosen a heading the Research Quickstart tool will give you a list of general and subject-specific article databases that will have scholarly articles on your chosen topic.



General database: A general database will have a variety of scholarly and popular articles across many different subject or topic areas. Academic Search Premier is an example of a general database.

Subject-Specific database: A subject-specific database will have a variety of scholarly articles across a small set of subjects or topics that are usually related. For example, Business Source Premier will have articles relating to business. This database would not have unrelated topics such as music, dance, medicine. science is a specialized database of articles concentrating on business only.

To review this process you can find a tutorial called Finding Article Indexes