Evaluating Specific Strategic Communications

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The above link shows one of Samsung's advertisements for the new Galaxy S3 phone. I want to evaluate this piece of strategic communications because it is doing something that not many brands decide to do, it is directly targeting the iPhone 5. Apple is not a brand that companies typically try to bash because they have been so dominant. In the ad they mock people waiting in line to get the iPhone talking about ridiculous features of the iPhone and eventually shows people with the Galaxy S3 doing things that blow their mind.

I think that initially this seemed like a hit but overall it is a major fail for the following reasons. First, they gave a lot of exposure to Apple stores and mentioned the new phone many times. If consumers can't hear the TV, they will think it is an ad for the iPhone, overall it provides free advertising for Apple. On top of this, they are insulting consumers that they are also targeting. Some consumers do not like competitive ads and this will hurt them. Finally, they are awaking a sleeping giant. Apple typically has a very consistent, respectable advertising campaign but this ad changes the game. Apple has already started to fire back and I only expect it to get worse.

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