How Do They Come Up With These?

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Nothing blows my mind more than seeing all of my friends that go to the University of Wisconsin - Madison post ridiculous statistics and surveys that show them as the best at something. They don't bother to check sources or figure out how the data was collected, they just assume it is correct. What I want to know is how some nobody research groups make actually collect data to figure out which school has the most attractive women, best traditions, and which school is a bigger party school. Below are links to survey results showing the top 10 party schools and the top college football traditions.

What possible data can they pull to claim that out of the hundreds of colleges and universities, these are the top ranked. I am sick of all of the clutter on the internet and information that melts peoples' brains. The other survey puts Wisconsin's Jump Around tradition as number 1, over all other traditions. Even the traditions that have actual meaning and history. The world will never make sense but to my friends in Madison, the world makes too much sense I guess. There needs to be a data clean up of all of the crap online.

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