Meaningless Surveys

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When googling "bizarre survey results" the third option that came up was 25 Strange Questions Surveys. Since it was so high in the search results, I figured there would be a direction to it. There was no direction at all, all 25 questions were completely random. Questions ranged from, "what color socks are you wearing right now," to, "what would you do if you were invisible for the day." Every response was open to type in your own response so it did not completely limit the options on most questions. The survey had no meaning to it and there was no notification of where the results would go. It just recommended posting the results on a social media site. This experience highlighted a couple of things for me. One, that some very meaningless things can obtain the third spot on the google search. Two, that some surveys truly do not matter. And three, that I should never search with the word "bizarre."

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