Top 10 Innovative Companies

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Greenbook conducted a study that outlines the most innovative companies. The rankings, based on mentions, are as follows:
Brainjuicer 60
TNS Global 32
Vision Critical 32
Synovate 31
Ipsos 25
Nielsen 25
Anderson Analytics 21
Itracks 18
GFK 17
Peanut Labs 16

"Research professionals who participated in the study were recruited from various sources including the GreenBook member directory, direct email invitations to sponsor contact lists as well as open recruiting through several social media research groups and social sites" -Leonard Murphy. To get a grasp on innovation they looked at new technology adoption and attitudes towards methodologies. They use their resources well and the top ten actually forms an interesting list. Often times with a study like this numbers can be very misleading due to company connections taking the surveys in order to boost the company's status. The results actually represent the top ten companies that make people think they are innovative.

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