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Upon taking the bottled water survey that was emailed to us from Professor Ball two questions popped into my mind. What is the point of this survey and will those questions and answers actually provide any useful information.

I went into the survey expecting there to be a clear direction within some of the questions but I really could not find one. I understand that the creator is developing the question format but I feel as though none of the questions should be included in an honors thesis level survey. After taking that survey I could not tell you if it had to do with sustainability, recycling, general statistics about drinking bottled water, or consumer behaviors.

For a ten question, open answer format I thought the questions limited responses and actually guided them into a description that is not typical to how bottled water consumption would be described. Some questions were worded poorly in the fact that I truthfully could not answer properly. I wish I could open the survey back up to provide specific examples but I cannot.

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