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Wednesday 7-12

I found the discussion that centered on the three national technology plans interesting. (Probably because I would never chose to read these on my own.) The evolution of the language in the first two plans stated what student and teachers would do while the last indicated what students and teachers should do. On my own I wouldn't have made this discovery. Despite the language used as a nation, well at least as a state we are still struggling to meet the goals layed out in these plans.
Our discussion on writing tech palns was informative and reassuring. The concrete examples of how get a plan started and keep it going were very helpful. These tips are taking some of the out how to write a tec plan. I found it reassuring that other struggle with the idea of why these are written. as a useful document or a vehicle to obtain funding. As I recall the goal of the tech plan I worked on was latter. The last few days have shown me writing a tech plan is a lot of work but if done correctly it will be very useful document.