July 13, 2006

Thursday 7-13

Today's activity was eye opening. It took a our group nearly an hour to write a vision statment. A group of tech savvy indivduals who have focused on technology issues for days. Then as our vision statement was braodcast to the group we began to question it when we were challenge by other groups. I can only imagine what willl happen when a tech committe is scheduled to meet for a hour after school. The usual late comers will whittle the meeting time down. If the committe is scheduled too meet once a week I could see it taking a month to write a Vision statement. This tells me, as the person responsible for our tech plan, that I need to get started with this task as soon as possible. In addition I will need to be very patient.

Wednesday 7-12

I found the discussion that centered on the three national technology plans interesting. (Probably because I would never chose to read these on my own.) The evolution of the language in the first two plans stated what student and teachers would do while the last indicated what students and teachers should do. On my own I wouldn't have made this discovery. Despite the language used as a nation, well at least as a state we are still struggling to meet the goals layed out in these plans.
Our discussion on writing tech palns was informative and reassuring. The concrete examples of how get a plan started and keep it going were very helpful. These tips are taking some of the out how to write a tec plan. I found it reassuring that other struggle with the idea of why these are written. as a useful document or a vehicle to obtain funding. As I recall the goal of the tech plan I worked on was latter. The last few days have shown me writing a tech plan is a lot of work but if done correctly it will be very useful document.

July 10, 2006

Monday 7-10-06

I was a bit overwhelmed at first because I had not received all the reading and I haven't taken a college in at least 10 years. In addition a little confused on how to navigate. The tech plan that I was involved in was a rushed job. We were meeting a deadline for fundin. Therefore, as I recall our goal was to complete the plan and get it turned in. Once I finished editing the section I was responsible for I turned it and never read it again. Today's discussion was insiteful. Now I know the plan should be a document written for others to use. I am going to see if I can find a copy. I would like to read it with the information presented and point raised today in mind. The comments made about purchasing equiptment and teacher training helped me realize that many people are facing the same problems I face. The discussion also brings to light how isolated I have become. I believe the discussions coming up this week will help open my eyes to other ways of doing what I do and open my eyes to new ideas.