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July 26, 2005

Ode to Bubba Keg

Good God!!! Recently I was introduced to an Alcohlics best friend, the Bubba Keg.

Now, I have been with my fiance for over six years and have been socializing with her family for the same amount of time. If anyone knows the fautchs, they know that Gary, Kevin, and Larry are three of the biggest party goers out there. Every year cigars are smoked, ice is melted, and gallons of liquor are consumed at boat parties and other events. However until now, their ice melted in their cups watering down their libations of choice. (And that my friends is alcohol abuse.) This year the boys Fautch came upon the drink holder of kings, the Bubba Keg. It holds 52 OZ of your favorite drink. Thats right, 52 OZ. Lift your puny, weather beaten glasses to the all powerful Bubba Keg.

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