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This online, edited collection explores discursive, visual, social, and other communicative features of weblogs. Essays analyze and critique situated cases and examples drawn from weblogs and weblog communities. Such a project requires a multidisciplinary approach, and contributions represent perspectives from Rhetoric, Communication, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, and Education, among others. We encourage you to post your responses to the essays; please see our posting policies.

Update, April 10, 2005: Due to a lack of recent discussion in the comment threads under the articles, as well as a proliferation of spam, comments have been closed. If you would like to comment on one of the articles, please email one of the editors (see Contributors for email addresses).

Also, by request, we would like to address the question of how to cite articles. This is an edited collection of essays, and articles should be cited as chapters in an edited collection that is available online. Here is an example in APA:

Herring, S.C., Kouper, I., Scheidt, L.A., & Wright, E.L. (2004). Women and children last: The discursive construction of weblogs. In L.J. Gurak, S. Antonijevic, L. Johnson, C. Ratliff, & J. Reyman (Eds.), Into the blogosphere: Rhetoric, community, and culture of weblogs. Retrieved August 13, 2004, from

And in MLA:

Badger, Meredith. "Visual Blogs." Into the Blogosphere: Rhetoric, Community, and Culture of Weblogs." Ed. Laura J. Gurak, Smiljana Antonijevic, Laurie Johnson, Clancy Ratliff, and Jessica Reyman. June 2004. 10 April 2005 <>.

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Laura Gurak, Smiljana Antonijevic, Laurie Johnson, Clancy Ratliff, and Jessica Reyman, University of Minnesota
Comments (18) | TrackBack (22)
Meredith Badger, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Comments (6) | TrackBack (1) · Visual Design
Kevin Brooks, Cindy Nichols, and Sybil Priebe, North Dakota State University
Comments (3) | TrackBack (1) · Genre · Pedagogy · Virtual Community
Tyler Curtain, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Comments (4) | TrackBack (0) · Identity · Public/Private · Virtual Community
Susan C. Herring, Inna Kouper, Lois Ann Scheidt, and Elijah L. Wright, Indiana University at Bloomington
Comments (8) | TrackBack (8) · Gender · Identity
Charles Lowe, Purdue University, and Terra Williams, Arizona State University
Comments (13) | TrackBack (1) · Pedagogy · Public/Private · Virtual Community
Carolyn R. Miller and Dawn Shepherd, North Carolina State University
Comments (2) | TrackBack (19) · Genre
Andrew O'Baoill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Comments (2) | TrackBack (3) · Public/Private
Trish Roberts-Miller, University of Texas at Austin
Comments (2) | TrackBack (3) · Public/Private
Frank Schaap, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Communications Research
Comments (1) | TrackBack (2) · Identity · Virtual Community
Lois Ann Scheidt and Elijah Wright, Indiana University at Bloomington
Comments (11) | TrackBack (7) · Visual Design


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