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Into the Blogosphere Statement on Copyright

Along with this being the first scholarly collection of its type focused on the weblog as a rhetorical artifact, the editors are also taking an innovative approach to scholarly publishing and intellectual property. Inspired by the collaboration and sharing of ideas common among bloggers, we have chosen to distribute this online collection under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial 1.0 License. The license includes the following terms: No Derivative Works, Noncommerical Use Only, and Attribution Required. This license in no way limits fair use or any other rights.

These terms apply to the collection as a whole. Authors of individual contributions retain many more rights than with most traditional academic publications. According to the agreement between the editors and the authors, authors retain the rights to reproduce, distribute, adapt, perform, and display their work. They may also choose to authorize derivative works.

These decisions regarding copyright mean that authors may distribute their own individual contributions under a broad range of licenses, and have a large degree of control over their works. Additionally, the collection as a whole may be used in ways that are usually precluded by traditional scholarly copyright agreements. Educators, for example, may print and circulate the collection, in whole or in part, provided the use is not for profit and attribution is given. Alternatively, an educator may choose to host the collection electronically on his or her own website or within a course management system.

The editors encourage sharing these works. We hope the collection will foster greater interest in weblogs as rhetorical artifacts and will further foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas so prevalent in the blogosphere. We welcome questions or comments regarding the collection, the copyright agreement, or other relevant topics.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.