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11 South African Cabinet Members Resign

The South African government announced Tuesday that 11 cabinet members have resigned, following an announcement that the nation's president would also be leaving office.

The cabinet officials, including a finance minister who was seen as being key in maintaining economic management, have said they would help the new administration, according to The New York Times.

“All the ministers have expressed their availability to assist the incoming administration," a statement issued by President Thabo Mbeki said.

However, the African National Congress secretary general said six of the ministers "had no intention of serving in the new government," the BBC reported.

The ANC is divided between Mbeki supporters and ANC leader Jacob Zuma, who is expected to win the national elections next year.

Mbeki resigned after the ANC called on him to leave office after a judge through out a corruption case against his rival Zuma, saying the Mbeki administration had political interference in the case, CNN reported Tuesday.

The "vexatious, scandalous and prejudicial" ruling cost Mbeki his office, the ousted president said.

The ANC's deputy president is expected to take office Thursday and remain as president until the spring elections.