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Violence Continues in Bolivia

Martial law has been declared in Bolivia, where violence over a proposed constitution has killed 30 people.

Bolivian President Eva Morales, the first indigenous person elected to be president, has struggled to maintain order since being elected three years ago. His recent proposals to change the poor nation's constitution, including a clause that would allow him to run for a second term, have resulted in riots in the Pando province, according to Yahoo News.

Other proposed changes would centralize power and give landless peasants fallow terrain in an effort to re-distribute wealth amongst Bolivian citizens, the BBC reported.

Morales arrived in Chile to meet with other South American leaders to "to explain to the presidents of South America the civic coup d'etat by governors in some Bolivian states in recent days." However, no opposition leaders were present at the meeting in Santiago.

Other nations in South America are keen to resolve the issue, the BBC said, as they rely on Bolivia for natural gas.

Some leaders have blamed the US for causing and spreading the violence throughout Bolivia, with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez calling it "a conspiracy directed by the US empire."

Chavez is a close ally with Morales, and both leaders expelled US ambassadors last week, accusing them of supporting oppositional parties. Ambassadors for both nations rejected the claims.