Organic Food:: Is It Really Better?

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This research study was done by Stanford University with 237 people. These participants were told to eat a diet of either regular or organic food. After comparing nutrient content and the levels of bacterial, fungal, or pesticide contamination, researches discovered that they was little significant difference in health benefits when eating organic vs. non-orgain foods. However, the study did reveal that there was a considerable lower amount of pesticides found in organic foods compared to normal food.

I do not believe that this study was conducted in an efficient matter to decipher the health benefits related to consuming organic foods. Findings from the study state that "organic produce is 30 percent less likely to be contaminated with pesticides," but that does not give us direct results to the overall diet or answer the original research question. To get more accurate results, participants should be put on a strict diet and be logging everything that they eat. A new research question and survey design should be developed to test the health benefits of organic foods.

Although many studies have been done to show little significant difference between the two diets, many still fully-heartedly believe that organic food has increased health benefits compared to non-organic food. Many more studies need to be conducted to better access the health benefits of consuming organic foods.



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