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With the many research agencies around today, it is important that differentiations are made between them in order to best stand out. For me, BrainJuicer takes the cake in the this category. BrainJuicer is a market research agency that uses many unconventional tools to better understand and predict a public's behavior. Having been around since 1999, BrainJuicer has had plenty of time to re-invent the beauty of market research and discover tools that yield the most return of valuable information. One of the reasons I believe that BrainJuicer ranks at the top comes from their paradox of success, "you need failure to achieve it." By not being afraid to fail, BrainJuicer is able to experiment with radical approaches to market research, which may or may not work out.

According to the founder of BrainJuicer, John Kearon, the top three reasons for BrainJuicer's large success is contributed to current pre-testing and concept testing approaches, focus groups, and brand and advertising tracking. Although he may see these attributes has his biggest strength, I can't help but emphasize the other amazing techniques that BrainJuicer does to lead to their large success.

Just by visiting the BrainJuicer website,, one is able to tell that they are no normal market research agency. Having interactive buttons and information tabs makes their information enjoyable to read and keeps my attention directed to their page only. While being drawn in to read their website, I was able to discover the unique strategies of information gathering. Creating a small population of creative people to conduct research on allows not only for effective and accurate data, but also a fast data collection time as well.

BrainJuicer is truly the market research agency of the future.


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