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How well does a poll present valid date? With so much media bias around today, how can people trust what they are reading in published media sources. To help explain my point, I chose to analyze a public opinion poll on unemployment conducted by NBC News, which is a considered a liberal news source. I will explain in depth the important aspects that the poll covers and areas where I see faults.

I believe that this poll can be considered to have an intermediate level of validity based on the fact that NBC News is considered a trusted news source compared to many unknown pollsters. Although the audience was provided with the information that 1,007 adults were surveyed by telephone, there was an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points. With this intermediate level of validity, I would still question the reliability. Having been conducted by cell phone, there is a problem with reaching the audience who may not have this mobile device. We were also not informed if the poll was conducted using random same, which would mean that the results may not be able to be generalized to the public. Even though we were able to get a definite validity number, we still question the reliable of the NBC News poll on unemployment.

The issue of unemployment was fully addressed in this poll. Not only did it provide insights on what the public things about the current unemployment rates, it also allows use to get the percent that agree or disagree with the different plans to boost the economy. Throughout the poll description, many questions and data were able to presented to strengths different points that MSNBC was trying to make.

All things considered, I do not believe that the issue was fairly represented in this poll. Being a liberal source, it is easy to see the favoritism that was place on President Obama. Many of the numbers were extremely higher when viewing his policies and ideas compared to other republican opponents. Since I was not given access to the questions, it is hard to tell what types of questions were asked over the phone to tell if they were bias, leading questions, or loaded questions. NBC News and the Wall Street Journal teamed up to conduct this, which are considered two of the leading groups in the media industry.

I believe that it is very important to deconstruct the poll elements before using or believing the facts that the source is presenting. By doing this, you will be able to be the most knowledgeable and informed media consumer that you can be.



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