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A study conducted by HubSpot proves the concept of the social media device, Twitter, to not be as informative as most think it is. Not everyone becomes more knowledgeable.. but do they look like they are?

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Looking at 2.7 million tweets, the researcher of the survey found that more people retweeted links, than actually clicked on the links to read them. One interesting aspect that I found from the study analysis was that there is no correlation between retweets and clicks of a link. In fact, the correlation between the two is .038, which is an extraordinary low number on the correlation scale.

Based on the research, I think more people need to be aware of planning their social media strategies and their goals when putting a tweet out into the social media sphere. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your site, it might make more sense to use the "@" symbol, which is what the study showed as having the highest click-through rate. If you are looking for your tweet to get retweeted and get your name more widely spread, it would make the most sense to use the world "retweet" somewhere in the post.

I encourage you to experiment on your own. See what posts get the most retweets based on the content you have used.


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