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How many people own an animal out there? I have two cats at my hometown house and each day wish they were here with me in Minneapolis. My passion for animals has lead me to do further research on just what an important role animals can play in peoples lives.


Some people think it would be unimaginable to live in a house with dogs running through the kitchen, a bird flying around the living room and a cat sleeping in the window sill. Other people can't imagine living without their beloved furry family member. As a matter of fact, according to the ASPCA, 62% of U.S households own a pet, which equates to about 72.9 million homes. Each animal lover has at least once tried to explain how adorable, affectionate and fun the addition of a pet could be to a household. After exhausting all of their funny dog pictures and cute cat videos, they still couldn't convince the non-animal lover how beneficial a pet could be to their household. But what if animals could serve as more than just a cuddly partner to watch television with?

A lot of people tend to characterize companion animals as non-essential members of the family. However, careful examination of this topic shows that pets have the potential to have an immense impact on family functioning, health and happiness related to children, families and the elderly whether they are in good health or sick.

Having a companion animal is important to child and can benefit them physically, mentally and socially. Interesting fact-- Three-fourths of all kids live with a pet, which is a higher number than kids living with both parents. As a result of this large number of children having pets, researchers have studied the benefits these animals have on the well-being of the child.

A study on the effectiveness of Animal Facilitated Therapy for children in long-term hospitalized care showed that the presences of a companion animal, such as a dog, can lead to reduced stress. Stress indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure where measured and showed to significant decrease after the child had interacted with an animal. As the study progressed, children waiting to receive pet therapy experienced anticipatory excitement before seeing the dogs.

See... Animals can have a large impact on people's lives and often tend to be more than just a companion. The research conducted by Animal Facilitated Therapy did a good job on listing statistics and observations about what a large impact animals can have. I thoroughly enjoyed analyzing this study and hope that you now have a better attitude toward animals!

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