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Group M Next, a WPP media-buying unit, recently conducted a research study on how with the reach of organic posting down, engagement on Facebook has now gone up. Organic reach means that the number of unique people, fans or non-fans, who saw this post in their news feed, ticker or on your Page. This posting is not paid for or sponsored by a specific product or company.

With Facebook becoming so mainstream today, it has come to the point where companies are having to pay for their posts if they want to reach their fans. It's getting much harder to drive organic impressions in the newsfeed, ticker, and from fans visiting a brand's page. Don't worry though-- Facebook has found a way to address this problem. Now you can buy the feel of organic dominance.

In the study, 25 brands were observed and found that engagement on posts in the form of comments, likes and shares is up significantly, from 0.76% before the paid promotion change to 1.49% after. As a result, brands will now have to pay more money just to keep the same reach of fans that they once had.

Due to the fact that Group M Next would not release that names of the 25 companies they studied, it makes me second guess how accurate they truly are. Not knowing the companies, there could be a variety of other factors and outliers that caused there to be a decrease in organic posting. By the article not explaining how results the were gathered or calculated, we cannot conclude the validity of the results.

Source: http://adage.com/article/digital/study-reach-organic-facebook-posts-engagement/238365/

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