Analysis: Records

The story that I found is from The New York Times, and it is about people living with autism. The story is told in the form of an audio slide show-- six people talk about living with (or with a loved one who has) an autism disorder.

The article has audio interviews playing over photos of the individuals. The article refers to statistics about autism in America (about 1 per 500 people.) Within the audio interviews, the men and women also discuss different tests available for testing for autism, often because they have been tested in numerous ways.

At Least 11 Missing in Oil Rig Explosion

At least 11 workers are missing and seven are critically injured after an explosion on an oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico, CNN said.

The explosion occurred around 10 p.m. CT Tuesday. At the time, 126 workers were on board the oil rig, The Washington Post said.

Helicopters have been sent to look for the missing, and the Coast Guard has sent four cutters to the area, CNN said.

The fire was still burning Wednesday morning, the Coast Guard said.

FDA Urges Regulations on Sodium

The Food and Drug Administration could soon limit the amount of salt that is added to American's foods, CNN said.

The Institute of Medicine has called on the FDA to place regulations on the amount of sodium added to processed and prepared foods, in an effort to decrease the health risks associated with salt consumption, CNN said.

The regulation would call for small incremental reductions-- with the idea of keeping flavors consistent, The Los Angles Times said.

Public Health Advocacy groups and nutrition scientists support the decision, while some industry groups denounced the idea, The Los Angles Times said.

Attorneys Hope Toyota Inspection will Grant New Trial

An inspection of the Toyota Camry involved in the deaths of three people that sent a Minnesota man to prison is underway, Kare 11 said.

The inspection will take two days, and attorneys hope that it will win the driver, Koua Fong Lee, a new trial, Star Tribune said.

Lee was convicted of criminal vehicluar homicide after his car accelerated unexpectedly and crashed into another vehicle in 2006, Kare 11 said.

Lee's attorneys said that he did everything he could to stop the car, which has been recalled because of a cruise-control problem causing the vehicle to suddenly accelerate, Kare 11 said.

Gopher Linebacker May Face Felony Charges

University of Minnesota linebacker Gary Tinsley faces criminal charges after fleeing police this weekend on a moped, Kare 11 said.

Tinsley, 20, faces felony counts for fleeing police, driving while intoxicated and reckless driving, Star Tribune said.

A Minneapolis police lieutenant saw Tinsley and another person driving mopeds the wrong way down a one-way street. The lieutenant tried to stop the riders, but they fled-- driving through yards and on sidewalks, the Minneapolis Police said.

Tinsley was caught, but the other man was not found, the Minneapolis Police said.

Tinsley was booked and taken to Hennepin County jail, Kare 11 said.

Iceland Volcano Continues to Stall Flights

Though nearly half of Europe's flights are now back on schedule, the continuous eruptions of ash from the Iceland volcano are now threatening to stall more flights from Heathrow airport, CNN said.

The eruption, which is not a rare occurrence for the volcano, happened during unusual wind and ice conditions, sending ash clouds three to five miles into the air over Europe, The Wall Street Journal said.

The current weather conditions will remain until about Friday, when south-westernly winds will begin to move the ash away from the UK, the country's weather forecaster, Met Office, said.

About 14,000 flights are expected to fly Tuesday-- about half of the scheduled air traffic, CNN said.

Obama and Chinese President Discuss Iran

President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao agreed in a meeting to increase oppositional pressure on Iran's nuclear weapons program, The Wall Street Journal said.

The administrations of the two countries are both working on sanctions that can be implemented to punish Iran, The Wall Street Journal said.

Iran has indicated that they are developing only peaceful nuclear energy capability, but the U.S. believes they are trying to develop nuclear weapons, CNN said.

Obama and Hu are in agreement that Iran must meet the nuclear nonproliferation agreement, CNN said.

Twins Win at Target Field

The Minnesota Twins won their first stadium opener in franchise history Monday when they defeated the Boston Red Sox 5-2 at the new Target Field, Pioneer Press said.

The Twins played their first season in Metropolitan Stadium in 1961, where they lost the opener to the Washington Senators 5-3, Kare 11 said.

In 1982, the Twins moved to the Metrodome where they were defeated by the Seatlle Mariners 11-7, Kare 11 said.

Now in their 50th season, the Twins opened Target Field with a slew of famous former players in attendance, including Harmon Killebrew and Rod Carew, said Kare 11.

Documentary on Life of Stalin's Daughter

A new independent film will tell the story of Stalin's only daughter, and how she has resided near Madison, Wisconsin for the past 20 years, the Star Tribune said.

The Soviet dictator's daughter is now 84, and she has fiercely guarded her privacy. The film documents one of the only interviews that she has ever given, the Star Tribune said.

The film, "Svetlana about Svetlana" tells Svetlana Alliluyeva story- how she was married twice, grated political asylum in the U.S. and how she denounced the Soviet government and her father's regime once in America, NBC Chicago said.

The short film will be screened on April 18 at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison, NBC Chicago said.

Hecker Approved for Public Defender

A bankrupt Denny Hecker claimed poverty and was approved for a public defender, the Associated Press said.

Ben Toder of Chestnut Cambronne law firm will defend Hecker at the expense of the public, the Associated Press said.

A conflict of interest caused the switch in representation. Hecker's trail is set for Oct. 18, Kare 11 said.

Hecker is charged with wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy and money laundering, Kare 11 said.