Chihuahua Governor Proposes to Relocate Capital

The governor of Chihuahua has proposed to temporarily relocate the state's capital from Chihuahua City to Juarez in an effort to contend the drug cartel war that has gripped the Mexican city for over two years.

Juarez, which is just south of the U.S.- Mexican border, near El Paso, Texas, has become consumed by a drug war that in 26 months, has killed almost 4,500 people in the city alone, the El Paso Times said.

Gov. Jose Reyes Baeza called for an an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss his proposal. The vote, which is scheduled for Thursday or Friday, would move all executive, legislative, and judicial offices to Juarez, CNN said.

Reyes Baeza's proposal comes as a result of a massacre in Juarez two weeks ago. Assassins blocked a city street and 16 teens were slain at a house party. The governor's proposal is "his way of lettting the people of Juarez know they are not alone or forgotten" CNN said.

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